Foreign Matters, 2-6-17

  Foreign Matters is back tonight with talk about Iran’s ballistic missile test. The new foreign policy team for President Donald Trump along with the infamous executive order. Events in Yemen and much more! 10 p.m. EST at Please follow and like us:

#RoEL 1/31: Executive Orders and Vag Perfume

At 10pm ET on 1/31: Hosts Allan Bourdius (@UnrealAllan, Their Finest Hour, HotAir) and Krystle Schoonveld (@TarheelKrystle, The Federalist, Practical Politicking) hold a discussion on Trump’s immigration order, vagina perfume, and the current status of the political world. Guests include Katrina Jørgensen and Bill O’Keefe! Please follow and like us: