The Flyby 4-26-17: Special Guest Jeremy Simser, Arrowverse Returns, Logan

On The Flyby for April 26, 2017, your co-hosts Chris the Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex will talk to special guest Jeremy Simser, storyboard artist extraordinaire for Supergirl and The Flash, among other things.  Speaking of the two super shows, they’re all back from hiatus, so we’ll be doing our reviews of that too.  And if we have time we’ll have that Logan discussion we would’ve had last week were it not for Cranky’s internet imploding right at the beginning of the show.

So tune in early because we’re starting at 9 PM Eastern instead of our usual 10 PM right here on VLR, and don’t forget to hop into the chat so we can see all of your comments during the show!

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