The Flyby 3-15-17: Catching Up With The Flash, Grab Bag

Black Flash and Iron FistOn The Flyby for March 08, 2017, your co-hosts Chris the Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex will get themselves all caught up with reviewing The Flash, as last week’s podcast had to be recorded before that episode aired.  Last week Arrow was on hiatus, and this week Supergirl is, so really we don’t have much to cover in the Arrowverse short of chasing down the latest drama surrounding Barry Allen and friends.

Plus as a little bonus we’ll talk about a couple of things coming down the pike, like Marvel’s new Netflix show, Iron Fist, which is currently embroiled in controversy and the Beauty and the Beast live-action movie that debuts this week.  If you’re really lucky, we’ll even have time to explain why we haven’t talked much about that other new comic book show, Legion.

So tune in at 10 PM Eastern right here on VLR and don’t forget to hop into the chat so we can see all of your comments during the show!

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