Foreign Matters – August 1, 2016

Foreign Matters is live tonight on Vigilant Liberty Radio! As we do every week, your hosts George Templeton (@rodentpolitics) and Stephen Glaug (@krayonpundit) bring you the latest in international news!

A Belgian priest was stabbed at his home by an “asylum seeker” and authorities aren’t tying the incident to terrorism. This comes a week after a French priest was murdered by terrorists in his parish. In response to the attacks, French Muslims are attending Catholic Masses in a show of solidarity.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel is doubling down on her immigration policies, despite massive protests and unhappiness on the part of German citizens.

Donald Trump doesn’t know what’s happening in the Ukraine, and it shows.

And, as always, they’ll talk about other news happening across the globe. So tune in to Foreign Matters tonight at 10pm E/9pm C here on Vigilant Liberty Radio!

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