Foreign Matters: March 28, 2016

Foreign Matters is live tonight on Vigilant Liberty Radio at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific. Always your source for international news, your hosts George Templeton and Stephen Glaug  are going to talk about the multiple bombings that took place over the past week.

First, in Brussels, Belgium, where suicide bombers attacked the airport and a metro station, leaving dozens dead and hundreds injured, and authorities searching for suspects. The attack led to beefed up security, including at Belgium’s nuclear power sites, and ISIS handing out sweets to celebrate the attacks in Syria. A second suspect is being sought in the metro bombing. Officials are surprised by the amount of explosives found in Brussels, raising questions as to how the attackers were able to escape detection, and a former ISIS fighter talks about terrorism amid reports ISIS has 400 trained fighters in Europe and multiple terror plots are being planned, according to investigators by a cell that’s Europe-wide.

The Brussels terrorists were also likely planning to attack a nuclear power plant, and may have had inside help, in the hopes of building a “dirty bomb.” And the backlash against terrorism has seen membership in a “far right white power group” double in three days.

Reports indicate an Indian Catholic priest, Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, who was kidnapped by ISIS, may have been crucified by the terrorist group on Good Friday.

In Borneo, a rhino species thought extinct was seen over the weekend, and news of the discovery was made public in an announcement from the World Wildlife Fund.

And we’ll have more – especially if there’s breaking news today. So tune in to Vigilant Liberty Radio’s Foreign Matters tonight at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific!

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