Foreign Matters – March 7, 2016

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Environmentalists in India are taking on guru Sri Sri Ravi, who plans to hold a mass festival for peace, children of a nomadic tribe in Thailand can see like dolphins, and a study has found strange radio signals from outer space coming in clusters.

The United Nations has approved tough new sanctions in North Korea, as punishment for the country’s nuclear testing. A major 8.1 magnitude earthquake has rocked Indonesia, and in Guatemala City a volcano is erupting and officials have issued a warning to those being impacted by the eruption.

US astronaut Scott Kelly has returned to earth after spending nearly a year in orbit on the International Space Station, and his body has undergone some changes as it re-adjusts to life in gravity. Speaking of space, scientists have invented a “mini Death Star” to help protect earth from asteroids, and some are saying a super moon, eclipse, and asteroid happening Tuesday signal the end of the world.

In Milan, diners are finding an…unusual spot for a good meal, and in the UK the National Health Service is proposing harvesting organs from stillborn babies with birth defects to help patients on transplant lists. Meanwhile, an Egyptian student arrested for threatening presidential candidate Donald Trump has agreed to leave the country by July.

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