The Roundtable of Extreme Liberty 2/2: Do we have to talk about Iowa?

me allan roel smallYeah, we probably do. Dammit!

UPDATE: Replay Added!!!

Anyway, VLR’s The Roundtable of Extreme Liberty will be LIVE Tuesday night at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific! Regular co-host Allan Bourdius (@allanbourdius, Their Finest Hour) will be in the house, along with Rachel Veronica (@rachelveronica) sitting in for co-host Krystle Schoonveld (@TarheelKrystle)! We’ll be joined by Eric Spencer (@JustEric) of VLR’s Odds and Ends and Randy Clemens (@bostonrandy). Plus we may add a last minute panelist, and we’ll probably have open phones too!

Issues on the table for tonight will be the Iowa Caucuses results: Cruz wins, Trump drops, Rubio surges, Bernie ties, and we can play a sad trombone for the candidacy ends of Mike Huckabee and Martin O’Malley (who’s next?!). There were also some questionable campaign tactics leading up to the caucuses, and we’ll take a look forward to the New Hampshire primary in one week, and South Carolina on February 20th.

Other topics may include Super Bowl 50, the Obama/Biden cancer “moonshot”, Boko Haram is back killing people in Nigeria (where’s the hashtag, Michelle Obama?), refugees are still a crisis, and whatever else comes up on the panel’s minds. You’ll get your chance to weigh in too, when (if) we open the phones.

Please join us for the program in VLR’s chatroom & show player page! If you don’t want to chat (and why not?!), you can interact with the program using the #RoEL hashtag on Twitter, and listen using the other show players you’ll find here on the site or direct over on Spreaker (or using one of their mobile apps).

10E/9C/8M/7P – talk to you then!

And this was a not-to-be missed show! Eric Spencer wasn’t able to join, but we did add in VLR’s Liz Harrison (@GoldwaterGal) and Katie Jerkovich (@redsoutrage) in hour 2, and to wrap the show up, we did “bar trivia” as Rachel got some her fellow drinkers and karaoke singers to answer our questions! Plus, there was a cameo appearance by RoEL host emeritus, Taylor Millard (@TaylorMVLR)!

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