Modern Comments Radio: Ode to Joy, Oscars, and Alan Rickman

Modern Comments Radio is LIVE TONIGHT on Vigilant Liberty Radio with guests Russell Michaels (@TGBED8v8) and Chris (@CrankyTRex)! We are going to be talking about movies! First, we’re going to talk about “Joy” the semi-biographical story of Joy Mangano and her rise from struggling divorced mom to self-made millionaire business woman. We’re going to review the movie and talk about its unabashed love of capitalism.

We’re also going to talk about the Oscar nominations, as we do every year, perhaps offer some predictions, and discuss the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag on Twitter and the boycott of the Oscars on the grounds it’s racist.
There will also be a tribute to the late Alan Rickman, who passed away last week after a brief battle with cancer.
So tune in to the Modern Comments Radio Show on Vigilant Liberty Radio at 10 pm Eastern/9 pm Central!

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