Edge of Anarchy 9/28: Fishie Returns to the Edge of Discuss Culture!

It’s Monday again, which means it’s time to kick your week off right with a little radio anarchy!

Joining Amanda on the program is the one and only Felicia “Fishie” Cravens!

As many of you already know, a major scandal has developed revolving around orders given to our troops to ignore sexual abuse of children taking place in Afghanistan because it is their culture. The fact that it is their culture is no secret and was exposed several years ago to the American people.  Of course, the Pentagon has denied these claims and NATO also is denying the cover-up. However, we do know that individuals in the military have been punished for defending the boys and speaking out against the abuse.

Amanda and Felicia will be discussing the scandal, as well as the idea of cultural superiority. Is it a good idea to leave cultures to make their own mistakes? Is it right to claim that your culture is better than another? At what point does a cultural practice become intolerable to outsiders and warrant interference? Can we separate undesirable cultural practices/ideas from the individuals engaged in the practice?

As always, Amanda promises to find a funny story to cover at the end of the show.

Join them for this intriguing discussion and give us your feedback live in the chat!

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