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Tonight, we have a guest, Mademoiselle Victoria Antoine, a fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle blogger. She caught my eye on Twitter (@MsVictoriaA) when she said

I pounced on her. (NOT LIKE THAT YOU FILTHY SCUMBAGS!) I figured it was better to pick her brain for a lot of people to hear than just my own curiosity. She’s a conservative, adores Mia Love, and is involved with pop culture, which is a necessity in this Kardashian world.

ConFem Tech Report

Lovely, The Wearable Sex Tracker, Is A Fitbit For Your Penis

The new female condom: wireless, Bluetooth enabled, vibrator

A Few More Things to Brighten Your Outlook

Not necessarily feminist, unless you’re that rainbow-pooping unicorn known as a female libertarian and have a vested interest in not being gestapo’d: Reason Magazine’s Hit & Run blog got subpoena’d by the DoJ for “threats” commenters made about the judge who sentenced the Dream Pirate Roberts of Silk Road fame. It’s now gotten some halfway decent coverage, but 1) I commented in that thread and I just about shit a gold-plated brick I was on the subpoena list [I wasn’t] and 2) I think [other than the attempted murder-for-hire] Dread Pirate Roberts did civilization and liberty a solid [as did Snowden]. His punishment for building a capitalist highway resulted in a travesty of FYTW.

I’m not sure if an Amherst rape victim’s 2014 accusations from an incident that occurred in February 2012 got coverage anywhere (I’ve looked a little), but it appears that the accused was actually the victim. Oh, Jezebel! Where are you, sweeties? Man receives sex act while blacked out, gets accused of sexual assault. And the rape culture takes another hit. Keep ’em coming, girls. Ruin those boys’ lives because if it has a penis it must be cut off.

In this woman’s defense, this is the stuff I have to read to wash off the filth of the pickup artist (PUA) and men’s rights activists (MRA) bullshit if I accidentally fall into the cesspool. Sorry, but reading that chest-thumping, pissing-contest, pull-my-finger bullshit does make me want to cut their penises off. They’ve got daughters, FFS. (Hello, Michelle Duggar.)

Carol’s Law: New Jersey should fast-track gun purchase permits for domestic violence victims Gun control is anti-woman. It’s a weapon in the War on Women. It’s anti-feminist. It’s backward, misogynistic, and flat stupid. If you are a woman and you are for taking guns out of the hands of the women who most need them to protect themselves, check your privilege. Then your premises.

Obligatory Rand Paul Leg Humping

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