Saturday Night Cigar Lounge: The Ladies Take Over!

Join Krystle Schoonveld, co-host of VLR’s Roundtable of Extreme Liberty  (Tuesdays 10 pm Eastern) and Amy Curtis, host of VLR’s Modern Comments Radio (Wednesdays 10 pm Eastern) as we take over for Taylor on Saturday Night Cigar Lounge!

What will we talk about? The list is long – Obamacare premiums are going up, crime is increasing in post-Ferguson/post-Baltimore US, the Obama administration is going to push new gun regulations, the organizer of an anti-Islam rally says he’s going into hiding over death threats, Detroit is turning off people’s water again (something the United Nations says is a violation of human rights), and the UK’s socialized healthcare system is facing allegations it will discriminate against the elderly in providing care.

So tune in tonight at 9 pm Eastern as Krystle and Amy take over the Saturday Night Cigar Lounge!

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