Saturday Night Cigar Lounge – Education, Rand Paul, FEMA

NOTE: There is a tech glitch 38 minutes into the show (wouldn’t be an SNCL without Taylor having that problem)

SNCLroundIt’s another big Saturday Night Cigar Lounge here on Vigilant Liberty Radio starting at 9pE/8pC

HOUR ONE: Education has been on Taylor’s mind a bit, especially after a proposal by TX Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick for private school tax credits and vouchers and a talk with a friend on education. Is there a way to message more localized education better than just saying “local control” and “Constitution?” Taylor actually fell into the latter trap so he explores it a bit. ALSO Rand Paul has been getting some heat recently for a proposal increasing defense spending, and calling for a new “Great Awakening.” But what does he mean with both of these? Taylor gives his opinion and takes yours as well..

HOUR TWO: There’s always a chance Taylor will continue his Rand Paul discussion, but he also wants to look at government overreach. FEMA got some controversy earlier in the week with its new State Mitigation Plan.

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