#ROEL March 17 – #SXSW and #Gamergate

Allan and Krystle are away, so the dinosaurs will play?

Well maybe one dinosaur. As for the hosts for the night?


That would be your guest host for the night, Liz Harrison, explaining who is on tonight to Allan.

So, we’ll be joined by Dustin Hoyt (@AmericaOurWay) from VLR’s own America Our Way (Thursday nights at 10pm eastern), Rachel Veronica (@rachelveronica), and Cranky T-Rex (@CrankyTRex. It’s #SXSW time, so we’ll be talking tech and entertainment. With the dinosaur hanging around, you all know there will be talk about #Gamergate. (There may or may not be some “insider information” on an upcoming Townhall column on that, too.)

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