Modern Comments Radio – Copycat Edition (September 24)

Modern Comments Radio is back live on Vigilant Liberty Radio this week with guest Heather Boulware (@hboulware)!

The US has struck back at ISIS in Syria (warning: autoplay video at the link), conducting airstrikes on Monday in what is being called the beginning of a strategy to confront ISIS. We’ll talk about these airstrikes, the coalition, and the foreign policy of the Obama administration in general.

We’ll also get local, talking about Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke and revelations this week that large portions of her jobs plan (and other platforms) were plagiarized. What does this mean for voters of Wisconsin, and the Burke campaign?

Last, we’ll talk about this ad from Americans for Shared Prosperity. Is it going to be effective? Is it the right move, politically speaking? Is the ad good? Bad? Or is it sexist?

Modern Comments Radio is on tonight at 10 pm Eastern/7 pm Pacific here on VLR! We look forward to having you tune in!

PROGRAMMING NOTE, 12:50PM ET, 9/24: due to a death in Amy’s family, Allan Bourdius (@allanbourdius,¬†Their Finest Hour) will be substitute hosting this evening. We here at Vigilant Liberty Radio extend our sincere condolences to Amy at the loss of her uncle, her father’s twin brother.

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