Saturday Night Cigar Lounge – ISIS, Rand Paul, Dystopia

SNCLroundIt’s another packed Saturday Night Cigar Lounge on Vigilant Liberty Radio, starting at 9pE/8pC

HOUR ONE: Expect more foreign policy talk regarding ISIS, Obama comments on destroying them, plus Rand Paul’s recent essay on why he’s neither interventionist or isolationist (he’s being consistent). Also, the reaction to it has been interesting too. Plus, Jonah Goldberg has a great column you should read.

HOUR TWO: Taylor talks about one of his favorite genres: dystopian fiction. Hear his conversation with Dr. Amy H. Sturgis about her Reason piece on dystopia, plus have a laugh at a Guardian column lamenting how recent dystopias are about…submitting to the free market, NOT fighting authority (umm…can’t you learn free market and fight authority?).

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