Saturday Night Cigar Lounge – Ferguson, ISIS, Cats, Reason

SNCLroundIt’s another Saturday night, which equals another multi-faceted Saturday Night Cigar Lounge starting at 9pE/8pC.

HOUR ONE: Taylor talks about Ferguson and police militarization with J.D. Tuccille from Reason Magazine. Plus Taylor will talk about black open carry and why the push is a good thing, Obama going golfing after commenting about James Foley’s horrid beheading and the reaction to it. He’ll also discuss the difference between free markets and cronyism because that’s been on his mind recently.

HOUR TWO: Sean Venkman (aka Mr. FoPow) joins Taylor to talk the Bluebonnet Hill Cat Sanctuary, Rick Perry’s indictment, ISIS, new gas regulations AND everyone’s favorite segment…defend your tweet!

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