Saturday Night Cigar Lounge – IRS, Iraq, Immigration, Hillary

SNCLroundIt’s a busy, busy night here on Saturday Night Cigar Lounge, starting at it’s new permanent time of 9pE/8pC. Why the change? To give you MORE talk!

FIRST HOUR: Hear my conversation with Jon Gabriel on the IRS scandal. Was Lois Lerner’s request of an audit of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley warranted? What about Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert’s bill putting up a $1-million bounty for Lerner’s emails?

ALSO FIRST HOUR: Sheldon Richman, from the Future of Freedom Foundation talks about his recent commentary on Iraq and non-interventionism. The contributor has some pretty interesting opinions on what the U.S. should do with the Middle East.

SECOND HOUR: Sean Venkman gives his comments on what’s going on at the Texas-Mexico border, plus the rumored war between

Part Two:

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