Their Finest Hour, April 28: Martini Hour with Jazz Shaw!

Their Finest Hour returns live to Vigilant Liberty Radio at 10pm Eastern (9C/8M/7P) on Monday, April 28th for another great hour-plus of talk on the issues of the day! This week, host Allan Bourdius (@allanbourdius) is welcoming Jazz Shaw (@JazzShaw), weekend editor of and martini connoissuer, to the guest’s chair. Jazz, through his HotAir involvement and past days of helping host The Ed Morrissey Show’s chat room is partially to thank (blame?) for hooking Allan back into regular blogging in 2011, and here we are! UPDATE: REPLAY BELOW!

Also planned for the program are some “headdesk” moments from the Sunday newspaper, plus Jonathan D. Sangster (@TORARADICAL) of VLR’s Sunday night program NEXT will be calling in to wrap up some items he wasn’t able to get to on last night’s show, and we will round things out for an impromptu panel with recent addition to the TFH team, Chris the “Cranky T-Rex” (@CrankyTRex), who TEMS fans will know also as “Duke of the Dance”.

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