Deep Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

The same thing applies to carving in time to sleeping in on the weekends when you have different work and day schedules. Letting your body and mind sleep in can help to relieve some of the sleep deprivation that we have during the busy week, but it can also mess up your biological clock, and thus, your sleep schedule.

As we will mention later in the article, having a set sleep schedule is a crucial ingredient to getting your body on the right track and in a healthy state. That said, it can end up being more beneficial to maintain your regular sleep schedule rather than giving yourself those couple of extra hours for two days.

These myths all seem to wrap around the idea that sleep can be “caught up” with a couple of extra hours during a few days a week, but what about the other side of the spectrum? Those that tend to skimp on the required hours of sleep that are needed, even by just an hour, can affect how you function throughout the day.

These effects are more commonly seen in the way we make decisions and our other thought processes that occur during our daily routine, and even if they are not severe or drastic effects, they still could be prevented by letting ourselves rest in bed for that last hour we needed.

What Is The Importance Of A Deep Sleep And REM Sleep

As we just mentioned previously, the quality of sleep that we get each night is highly essential. By quality of sleep, we are talking about the deep sleep, as well as the REM sleep, that we should experience throughout the night and into the early morning. This deep sleep and REM sleep is the time during our sleep cycles each night in which our body has the time to repair itself, as well as our minds.

Our minds work to process all of the events throughout our day, while also taking the time to improve the function of our internal systems to prepare for the day to come. This is why when we take the time to improve the way we fall asleep and stay asleep each night, we help to further improve and increase the deep sleep and REM sleep that your body goes through and desperately needs.

What Can We Do To Fix This Issue?

Luckily, for those out there that suffer from lack of sleep, insomnia and other sleep issues that can be present, there are many different tips, tricks, and ideas that you can try on your own time to get your sleep schedule back on the mend. It may take time to find the right regimen and combination of tips to help get that sleep status to its full potential, however, so don’t expect it to be an overnight thing (no pun intended).

Just as with any other routine we try to instill in our lives, it takes time to gain that positive momentum. A few of the helpful tips and tricks that we have found to be most effective when it comes to getting that good night’s sleep you crave were reviewed in this article.…


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